Collingwood Insurance and Covered Learner Driver: Flexible Short-Term Insurance for Learner Drivers

Collingwood Insurance and Covered Learner Driver Insurance

  • Flexible Short-Term Insurance for Learner Drivers.

  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance (check policy for cover)

  • Learn to drive in any car under £20,000, and Group 15 or below

  • Drive parent’s, relative’s or friend’s car without risk to their bonus

  • Instant policy cover and online certificate issue

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According to the Driving Standards Agency, those who pass their test first time have had about 45 hours of professional driving tuition combined with 22 hours of private practice. For most learner drivers however, friends and family members don’t want to let them behind the wheel of their cars because of:

  1. The cost of adding them onto their own insurance

  2. The worry that their No Claims Bonus could be at risk.

Well now you can purchase a separate insurance policy as the learner driver! WITH A COLLINGWOOD LEARNER DRIVER POLICY, the policy is in the name of the learner driver, and any claim arising from an accident or incident whilst the learner driver is driving the car under supervision, will only affect their policy.

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